COVI 19 . Learn about the preventive measures implemented here.



Cozumel Nachi Cocom Beach club wants to become your home during your trip to our Cozumel Island, a place where you can feel safe during your stay.

During the time that distancing brought us together we worked hard to renovate and train ourselves, making sure we are prepared for your visit. Our priority continues to be safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our guests, employees, and suppliers. To this end we have implemented a series of enhanced safety and hygiene protocols to ensure your health and make you feel at home:

 Reduction to 30% of the beach club capacity from 130 people to 100 people per day.

    • In accordance with social distancing measures, we prepare special procedures for your check-in (Including application of a disinfecting solution to the footwear before you get in).
    • From the first contact, we will measure temperature using remote digital devices on all our guests and coworkers, before entering our facilities (at check in).
    • A questionnaire of identification of risk factors in travelers will be delivered to all our guests upon arrival to complete.
    • There will be hand washing and disinfection stations, properly identified and distributed at strategic points within our facilities, along with signals to reinforce basic hygiene measures (handwashing, covering your mouth, nose when sneezing, among others). Including 70% alcohol-based disinfectant gel dispensers.
    • All physical distance protocols of 5 feet (1.5 meters) will apply inside of all beach club facilities and spaces, reception área, restaurant, beach área, restaurant, pool, etc.
    • Personal hygiene protocols for our coworkers will continue applying, with a strong focus on monitoring and guaranteeing a correct handwashing, at least every 30 minutes, and in many cases, even more frequently. Mandatory use of personal protection equipment that will be provided to all our staff according to their functions. Also, we will ask our suppliers to wear the required personal protection equipment to allow them access to our facilities.
    • Disinfection processes will apply on all beach club facilities every day including, beach, pool, restaurant, bar, reception area, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
    • At our restaurant & bar we are considering all necessary hygiene and physical distancing measures, as well as wearing face shields during operation. In the same way, disinfection measures will be reinforced every hour. Our new maximum capacity at the restaurant will be 30 people.

    We continue to closely monitor the current situation and we are communicating any changes.



Enjoy an unforgettable sunset break beach at Nachi-Cocom from 12:00 pm to 6:30pm (Cozumel Local Time)

Tuesday  -  Carnival Paradise 

Wednesday  Carnival Conquest

                       -  Norwegian Gem

                             -   Celebrity Reflection

                                                                                            -   Grandeur of the Seas (from may 7th to Aug 6th, 2024)

  SaturdayCarnival Sunrise

                           -  Norwegian Gem

CONDITIONS: It is only for cruise ship passengers arriving to Cozumel of specific cruise ships and arrival day mentioned above

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From sunrise to sunset, escape and disconnect from the outside world to Nachi-Cocom Beach Club. View our ghostwriting albums and see what awaits you.

All inclusive beach break.

Our beach break includes an open bar, a 4 course lunch & use of all beach club amenities. Activities available with hausarbeit schreiben lassen extra charges.

Save a spot

Since space is limited we strongly urge you to reserve well in advance to secure your day at our beach facharbeit schreiben lassen paradise.   Only 130 guests daily!